Adventures in Aging: Ep. 58 – The ASAP approach to Alzheimer’s

Episode Summary

Pam and Gary discuss the very unique and successful ASAP program that stands for Awakening the Subconscious of the Alzheimer’s Patient that connects the positive emotions and feelings of the Alzheimer’s patient with the caregiver.


About Adventures in Aging

Did you ever realize that the longer you live, the more life you have? Adventures In Aging is the podcast that makes that mindset a reality, bringing a lighthearted approach to something we all have in common – growing older. Pam (a Registered nurse, past senior healthcare company owner, and Alzheimer’s expert) and Gary (a veteran healthcare industry consultant) join together to share their fascinating stories, life-changing experiences, tough decisions, career challenges, and unique insight from their more than fifty years of working in senior living. Make the most of growing older, and find value in every single day, listening to interesting topics, opinions, and the premier voices on personal growth and ageless life enrichment. So come along for the ride, and let’s laugh, live, and love life…because we are just getting started!