Memory Care At Kauhale:
‘Awakening the Subconscious of the Alzheimer’s Patient” (ASAP)

In the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for individuals grappling with Alzheimer’s disease, The “Awakening the Subconscious of the Alzheimer’s Patient” (ASAP) memory care program has emerged as an innovative and groundbreaking initiative that enhances the quality of life of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The ASAP program is a relational-focused approach to memory care units, and caregivers at home that can be utilized in patients with AD and related dementias.  This program was specifically developed to overcome the limitations inherent in traditional forms of memory care as well as the caregiver at home journey. 

The ASAP program focuses on an exploration of feelings and emotions that persist despite the loss of memory. It is scientifically proven that a caregiver can have a direct positive or negative impact on the healthcare outcomes of dementia patients based on the emotions that they elicit. Caregivers who are using ASAP will intentionally apply an integrated approach that touches on spiritual, social, physical, and emotional components of the patient’s daily lives. 

 Awakening the subconscious and keeping the patients in touch with their emotions via targeted caregiving practices is a novel approach that might be used to delay the progression of AD.

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